Agile BI- Nogamy wise

How to deliver BI projects the Agile way.
Daniella Elkouby-Fisch, Nogamy’s VP projects presents talks about the specific factors of a BI project when it comes to working with Agile methodology.

Nogamy uses this methodology in some of its BI projects.

Nogamy can also help your organization in consulting services for adopting the Agile methodology in your BI foundation.

Agile development methodology is here for some time and has established itself in some sectors, mainly in R&D companies.

Daniella described the way in which the agile methodology can be adopted to a BI implementation project.

This adoption can greatly facilitate the duration from design to deploy of a BI project and also has a very intense effect on the support of the BI solution to actual business benefits and requirements.

Nogamy has hands-on experience in delivering a BI project the Agile way

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