About Nogamy

Our Story

Nogamy was established in 2010, based on the vast experience of its founders in developing and managing information systems within leading organizations, along with unique expertise in implementing systems in the fields of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI).
The company provides advanced consulting and implementation services to organizations in the fields of BI, CRM, telephony and IT project-management .

Nogamy offers a wide range of exclusive services to utilize technology for promoting and strengthening organizations.
As a leading company in its field, Nogamy manages advanced implementation in every level of an organization, along with professional consultation starting from the thorough analysis of the organization’s needs, through the planning stage, defining and developing new technologies, and all the way to execution and completion of all stages of the project.

Nogamy’s leading team includes top level professionals with vast experience in managing information systems, project management and business consulting, system analysis, system development, and more.

Our Vision

We believe that wise decision making takes place based on accurate and updated information, and that every organization has the unlimited capability to take advantage of its strengths with the help of the information it possesses, and with appropriate technology.

We believe that in order to provide quality consulting and implementation, and to bring real business results and significant achievements, not only is technology required, but a strong, goal focused and creative staff who has proven managerial experience in addition to broad and diverse implementation knowledge.

We believe that our ability to conduct a profitable dialogue with all levels of the organization (management, marketing, finance, customer service, IT, etc.) provides effective communication between the different departments, and contributes to implementing the specific needs of each level.

Therefore, we at Nogamy are meticulous about delivery – uncompromising performance abilities and withstanding challenges and complex tasks in order to provide the best solution for the customer – which will provide a true opportunity for growth.

Our Leading Team

אורן זמסקי

Over 20 years’ experience in establishing and managing information systems in key positions in large organizations.
MSc in Operational Research, B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management., MBA in Operational Research.

Oren Zamski
Co - CEO

Over 25 years of experience in senior positions with the market’s leading companies in the field of information systems. A graduate of the IDF Center of Computing and Information Systems, has a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA in Business Management.

Limor Ben David – Malay
Co - CEO
Hila Hefetz

Possesses expertise and immense experience of over 10 years in leading Israeli companies.
Graduated from the Technion with a B.Sc. in Information System Engineering.

Hila Hefetz
VP professional services
אורית שטרית
Orit Pintel-Shitrit
VP Consulting & Analytics
סימה ישועה
Sima Yeshua
Recruitment & PS Manager
ליאת לביא
Liat Lavi
VP Cusomers & Projects
Shiran Mor
VP HR & Operations