Terms of use

Terms of use

Welcome to the updated website (the “Website”) of Nogamy Tech Ltd. (“Nogamy Tech”). The use of masculine gender in the Terms of Use of the Website is for convenience only and is not meant to insult and/or to discriminate in any way.

The use of the Website is subject to the provisions of the following Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”), and shall be deemed as an acknowledgement of the user of these Terms of Use. You may use the Website’s contents in accordance with the following Terms of Use. You are requested to carefully read the Terms of Use before making any use of the Website.

Accessing, browsing, or using of the Website and/or using its contents and information, forms your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use in their updated version at the time of use. Nogamy Tech may amend these Terms of Use at any time at its sole discretion and without any prior notice. The new Terms of Use shall enter into force on the date they are published on the Website, and in any new entry to the Website, one can read the most updated version of the Terms of Use. If you do not agree to any of these Terms of Use, you are requested not to use this Website. You may not use the Website’s contents in any other means and way, without the prior written consent of Nogamy Tech and subject to the terms of such consent.

Use of the Website is permitted for non-commercial purposes only. You are not allowed to copy and use these contents for any other use and/or allowing the use of others, including on other web sites, in electronic publications, in print publication and/or for any purpose.

It is prohibited to display and/or publicize any contents originated in the Website unless the link is made to the internet page in the Website in full and as is, so it could be viewed and used in a manner completely identical to its viewing and use in the Website. It is prohibited to link contents from this Website separately from the Internet pages on which they appear in the Website. In addition, the user is required to display the Internet page’s accurate address in the Website in the usual designated place in the user’s interface. This address is not to be altered, falsified or hidden and it is not to be replaced by any other address.

Nogamy Tech shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to instruct you to abort any link to an Internet page in the Website. In this event, you are required to immediately cancel such link, and you shall have no claim or demand towards Nogamy Tech in that matter.

Links on the Website:

Nogamy Tech does not guaranty that the links found in the Website will be in order and lead you to an active website. These links are designated for the convenience and knowledge of the Users. Nogamy Tech is entitled to remove from the Website links it used to contain, or avoid adding new links – all at its sole discretion.

Intellectual Property and Copyrights:

Any intellectual property and copyrights in connection with the Website and with the information which appears in it, including the name and trademarks of Nogamy Tech, Website’ design and its graphic elements, the contents published on it and any other content which is included in the Website (the “Content”) belongs solely to Nogamy Tech.
All types of texts and/or material and/or designs and/or codes and/or pictures and/or trademarks and/or any other content embedded within the Website, are not to be copied, altered, presented, licensed, create derivative pieces, distributed, duplicated, sold, translated, or performed any other action, in any way or means, be they electronic, mechanical, optical, means of photocopying or recording, or in any other means and way, without the prior written consent of Nogamy Tech. If and when such a consent was given, you must not remove, erase or disrupt any message or mark regarding intellectual property rights, for example – the copyright mark ©, or trademark ®, accompanying the contents you shall use.

Without derogating from the aforesaid, the Website may contain additional contents which are published based on an agreement between the Website’s management and third parties which determines that the copyrights in these contents are the property of the third party and/or Nogamy Tech. These third party contents and/or any part of them are not to be copied, altered, presented, licensed, distributed, duplicated, or provided to public, without the prior written consent of the owner of their rights.


You use of the Website at your exclusive full responsibility. The Website in general including all the contents contained therein and the software on which it is based is introduced to the public AS IS. They cannot be suited to the needs of each individual. Nogamy Tech shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damage arising out of the access to or use of the Website or the inability to access or use the Website due to any cause of action whatsoever. It is hereby clarified that Nogamy Tech shall not be liable for any content uploaded to the Website by external users. Nogamy Tech shall not be liable for any software damage and other damages, arising out of the use of the Website. Nogamy Tech does not warrant, under any circumstance, that the Website and its contents suit or will suit your needs, and Nogamy Tech shall not be liable for suiting the information in the Website to your needs.

Nogamy Tech does not warrant that the contents which are provided by third parties and which are brought as a service for the user audience will be full, accurate, legal, and up to date or correct and that they will fulfil your expectations and needs. Nogamy Tech shall not be liable to the outcomes of these contents or the use of them or the reliance on them.

The Contents brought in the Website and in the Internet in general, do not substitute professional consultation or treatment if such are required. You may not use the Website Content without using professional consideration and without checking the Content’s information.

In the event that the Content contradicts any official publication, the latter shall prevail, and you should rely on the official publication. You shall not have any claim, demand or lawsuit against Nogamy Tech in connection with the contents and/or any of their abilities, functions, suitability to your needs or any reactions to publishing Contents of the Website.


You hereby agree and undertake to indemnify Nogamy Tech for any direct and indirect damage, loss of profit, payment or expense, caused to Nogamy Tech or incurred by Nogamy Tech, including legal expenses and lawyer’s fees, as a result of any claim and/or demand and/or damage arising out of the incompliance with these Terms of Use and/or with any other right of any third party, and or in connection with information and/or content sent and/or written and/or edited by you, in any manner whatsoever.

Website alterations and service termination 

Nogamy Tech reserves the right to alter occasionally the layout of the Website, its appearance and design, the scope and availability of the services it contains, and will be entitled to alter any other aspect related to the Website – all that without the need to inform the User of that in advance. Such alterations will be made, amongst other, due to the dynamic nature of the Internet and the technological and other changes occurring in it. The User will have no claim, action and\or demand towards Nogamy Tech due to such alterations and\or faults occurring during their performance.

Without derogating from the aforesaid, Nogamy Tech is entitled to stop providing the services of the Website, wholly or partially, at any time.

Nogamy Tech does not warrant that the services of the Website shall not be interrupted, provided continuously with no recesses, will be safe and error-free, and resistant to unauthorized access to Nogamy Tech’s computers or to damages, faults or malfunction of the hardware, software and communication systems and lines of Nogamy Tech or any of its suppliers.


The Website contains an option for the user to provide his details and/or to email the Website. You hereby acknowledge that you are aware of the fact that these details and/or email notices are not confidential, and may be reviewed by Nogamy Tech’s employees and may even be provided to third parties, as part of the treatment thereof.

Law and jurisdiction 

These Terms of Use of the Website will be subject solely to the laws of the state of Israel, and the authorized courts in the city of Tel-Aviv will be given exclusive local authority to handle any dispute between the Parties including any dispute in connection with the use of the Website and/or the services provided thereof and/or these Terms od Use.