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Over the years, we've had the privilege to lead meaningful projects in various fields and scales. We know how to provide a tailor-made solution for every customer's need or challenge in the Data Analytics domain. Our customized solution starts with understanding the technological and business needs, continues with planning the architecture array and choosing the right tools, and goes on to develop, implement, and maintain it. In further stages, AI models are also integrated to surface hidden values which might exist in the data.

Nogamy MS

Partial or full managed service of the Data Analytics \ BI unit in your organization.
A senior manager from Nogamy, along with a team set up for you, will take the ongoing responsibility for quality deliverables, increased productivity, and reduced cost.

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ניתוח מערכות BI | ייעוץ BI

Nogamy Pro

An end-to-end project service in which we will implement Data Analytics solutions with pre-defined scope while using various tools and technologies in pursuit of solutions with significant business value.

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Nogamy Think

An expert consulting service in which we will utilize our extensive knowledge and help you design the best fit Data Analytics array for supporting your business strategy.

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ניתוח מערכות BI | ייעוץ BI

Nogamy People

An outsourcing service in which we will integrate our data experts into your Data Analytics unit following the detailed profile definition you will request.
Each Nogamy person is accompanied by our broad service package.

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For over a decade, Nogamy’s data people have been assisting organizations to

transform data into valuable business insights

Domain expertise

Alongside our broad capability to implement a data analytics solution to ANY organization, there are several business domains in which we have a special expertise. With our tailor-made proven solutions, time and cost of the implementation process will be minimal.

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Scheme of a typical
Data Analytics array

Nogamy is with you all the way for creating a top-notch solution

Choose you environment:

  • The array can be fully implemented in any cloud environment, private or public. This can be established on one of the big Cloud vendors - AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google with their proprietary tools or with 3rd party tools (ie: Snowflake as a DWH or Tableau Public Cloud as a BI application). A cloud option has benefits mostly in respect to the simplicity of implementation and its maintenance and also in performance scalability.

  • On-premises implementations are still a big share of the market. They exist in organizations which have past investments in them, or which are not allowed to use the cloud due to regulatory \ security reasons. The technological options are more limited than the cloud options and thus require careful planning and selection of the right tools.

  • Data sources

    A Data Analytics solution relies on data sources. These can be DBs of operational systems (ie: CRM, ERP), cloud-based apps (ie: SalesForce, Google Analytics), files (ie: excel sheet of company goals).
    The relevant data needs to be mobilized to a Data Warehouse or directly to a BI Application.

  • Data integration

    Data mobilization is done by using dedicated ETL/ELT tools. These have connections to the different sources of DB/API/File and allow for scheduling the data extracts. It is common that the ETL will also include manipulation logic to integrate and transform the data to its modelled structure in the DWH or the BI Application.

  • Data Warehouse / Lake
    (Storage & Processing)

    A DWH is crucial when dealing with large masses of data and\or a data model which requires integration of many data sources and\or the data manipulation logic required is complex. In the case of simple and small arrays a DWH can be skipped, and data can be mobilized directly to the BI application's semantic layer.
    In case of BigData there might need to be an extra layer of a Data Lake before \ instead of the DWH.

  • Visualization and Analysis

    The BI Application is the basic tool thorough which a user can consume reports \ dashboards and can perform ad-hoc analysis of data.
    The BI app. relies on the data model that is stored in the DWH or in its own proprietary data model (if no DWH exists).

Our customers

We work with customers from a wide range of industries and scales. Hi-Tech, Defense, Telco, Manufacturing, Retail, Commerce, Logistics, Distribution, Finance.

Expertise in a wide range of technological tools

Nogamy solves complex problems utilizing a toolbox of various technologies. Our vast experience in implementing different tools allows us to objectively adapt the best technological tools for every organization.


A word from our customers ...

More customers

In building our data strategy, we faced many challenges. We looked for a one-stop-shop partner, which is not technology biased and can support us end-to-end with this ambitious initiative. We found this in Nogamy – and much more! They were super professional, fun to work with and flexible in allocating experts along the project’s lifecycle.

Alon Goldman Head of IT Enterprise Solution & Data Architecture at Maytronics


Nogamy has done an excellent work at Neto in building an End2End Data analytics solution that provides us with significant business value in analysing agent commissions, salaries, auditing company profit and more. The Nogamy team is professional and it is apparent that they care for their customers. Well done!

Dana Katz CIO, Neto


Nogamy is a lot more than our BI vendor, they are our partners, and that is why we have a long term engagement with them.

Aviram Peleg CIO, Hye


Our deepest appreciation to the Nogamy team who provide swiftness and flexibility by their Managed Services to our Data Analytics domain. They provide us with enhanced productivity and quality, all with good spirit, devotion and dedication to the tasks at hand.

Shlomo Shamay CIO, Ayalon Insurance


Nogamy has been our partner from the initial stages of creating our data analytics solution, through its enhancements, transporting it to the cloud and establishing it as a significant business asset for our organization. Nogamy has provided a team of service-oriented professionals that deliver advanced quality solutions.

Meirav Hadari CIO, Globrands


Great experience working with Nogamy! They provided an embedded analytics solution of high quality and in a short timeline.
Thanks to the solution provided, both our management and our customers have a clear view as to the performance of our installed products.

Kobe Tamsut Cybersecurity Marketing Consultant


Nogamy is a complete Data Analytics house that amongst other things can supply top-notch professionals for AI and BigData roles.

Galina Osnitsky Head of marketing analysis department


We are very pleased with Nogamy’s work. Nogamy has accompanied us in the establishment of our Data Analytics solution. Nogamy provides us with expertise, service and flexibility of the highest level.

Eliad Merimi COO & CTO at iintoo invest-together


Nogamy has implemented a Service Center dashboard that has provided us with substantial business value. Due to Nogamy’s thorough knowledge and best practices, along with their communication srength with the business and with the IT stakeholders, we have received a solution that successfully supports management.

Noam Butbika Chief Of Staff in the Service, Sales and Digital Division

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Let's transform your data to valuable insights