Nogamy is well-versed in defining and implementing Data Analytics solutions, even for organizations with needs and content not previously known to the company.
With that said, there are fields in which we truly excel. We know the needs, the difficulties and have the experience in providing the most efficient and effective Data solutions.


Advanced analytics as part of the organization’s business strategy.

Typical needs:

  • Devising a practical work plan for use-cases that will benefit from machine learning capabilities.
  • Predicting device \ machine failure in a production line for setting up preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Calculating customer churn risk. Important mostly for B2C companies in setting customer retention policies. 
  • Calculating personalized customer offers of products\campaigns based on customer profile and behaviour.
  • Building a Big Data infrastructure to be used for Data Science analysis.
  • Integration of AI models into the processes and operational systems (productionize).
Management Dashboard

In order to make informed decisions, company management needs a focused, sharp and up-to-date control & reporting tool.

Typical needs:

  • Company management requires a data dashboard which will provide a distilled status report in business terms, that can significantly aid in decision making.
  • Control & Report that includes information about the various business domains – Finance, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing..
  • Displaying status KPIs in comparison to goals and expected performance.
  • Turning data into insights tailored for each manager in the organization.
  • Nogamy will create a data dashboard for you that is smart, accessible, and effective.

The most important thing in the digital world is to stay dynamic, quickly adapt to changes and always be one step ahead.

Typical needs:

  • Analysing digital channels – to divert customers from costly interaction channels toward cheaper ones.
  • Analysing customer journeys – to improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction. 
  • Analysing campaign effectiveness – to improve campaign conversion rates. 
  • Establishing a supportive data infrastructure for the analysis needs.

Wide-ranging experience in Data Analytics solutions for Insurance, Investment Houses, Banks, Credit Card, FinTech

Typical needs:

  • Analysing sales for insurance types– elementary, long-term savings, life insurance, health insurance.
  • Measuring insurance claims.
  • Measuring agent commissions.
  • Measuring customer service.
  • Measuring annualized premium.
  • Measuring profitability and Reinsurers.
  • Regulatory reports for the Ministry of Finance.
Sales and Marketing

The importance of measuring and analyzing your sales cycle, from campaign to order.

Typical needs:

  • Analysis of customer journeys – campaign-lead\opportunity-order funnel.
  • Build of a customer profile and customer journey Panel.
  • Analysis that allows the improvement of processes and channels and enables personalized offers.
  • Marketing Manager dashboard. 
  • Sales Manager dashboard.
Customer Service

Examining the efficiency and effectiveness of a Service Center in two dimensions: customer experience, efficiency and effectiveness of the agent/team/center.

Typical needs:

  • Building an analytic array that addresses customer satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness of the centre.
  • Complete set of pre-defined KPI definitions.
  • Integrative data solution containing all service channels: physical, phone, digital. 
  • Technological implementation using your BI application or a one recommended by Nogamy.
  • Considering the extremely high sensitivity of KPI definitions such as efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Focused, clear, consistent and reliable data view for contact centre managers at all levels.
  • Control of performance Vs Goals (ie: SLA for service request, average call duration, FCR).

Tight management via KPIs is crucial for the efficiency and profitability of distribution, logistics and operations units.

Typical needs:

  • Basic KPIS for sales, income\expenses, service, marketing.
  • Measurement and analysis for unique business domains: storage, shipping and distribution, manufacturing.
  • Analysis for identifying bottlenecks in the distribution funnel.
  • Analysis for identifying sources of inventory loss.
  • Integrated analysis between sales and inventory (ie: Product conformed dimension, union of subsidiaries).

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