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We invite you to use the data you have in your organization for building AI solutions that will improve processes, increase sales and maximize your organization's business value. We work according to a methodology that has long proven itself and leverage unique work methods that we have developed in over 10 years of experience as the market leaders in complex and business worthy AI solutions.

AI methods and techniques

Planning, development and implementation of AI solutions tailored to the business needs of your organization.

We employ a wide range of data engineers, who develop with a variety of techniques using the latest technology stacks:

  • NLP
  • Deep learning
  • Predictive models
  • Statistical learning
  • Machine learning
  • Big Data Analytics

AI strategy

Building an AI roadmap for the organization by using the data and technology assets.
Using the latest machine learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) tools and algorithms, we help organizations build advanced artificial intelligence use cases that can integrate into the operational systems and processes of the organizations and create automation that saves costs and enhances productivity.

Democratization of data

Big data analysis, handling the existing gaps in the data and building data for the AI.
We normalize internal and external data, translate text data into defined dictionaries, and translate computing features for AI readiness.

Prescriptive AI

An organization may have ventured into an AI use case, and what now? This is often an obstacle, how to derive significant business value from AI.
We will help an organization to make practical use of AI insights.

Data Integrity

Assessing the reliability of the existing data residing as an organization’s asset, assuring its quality and manipulating it for preparation to the data modeling stage.

AI solutions for a variety of industry sectors

Real Estate
  • Automatic valuation of property/land
  • Demand forecasting
  • Personalized marketing - matching a customer segment to an offer/ product
  • Revenue and flow forecast
  • Credit risk rating
Industry & Manufacturing
  • Machine failure prediction for performaing Preventive mantenance
  • Automated Inventory replenishment
  • Risk of developing a certain health condition
  • Predicting respiratory or systemic failure following a health condition
  • Predicting risk of unadherence of a patient to a medical prescribed protocal
  • Customer LTV
  • Predicting dropout risk
  • Next Best Offer
  • Automatic approval of insurance claims by predicting the risk of fraud as well as compliance with the policy
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